901 Tennessee

Past & Future


Historically industrious, independent and creative. Renowned for its great Central Waterfront location, this remarkably sunny neighborhood is layered with character.  We invite you to learn about the history of Dogpatch, its present-day artistic pulse and what the future brings. 


The Past



Even from its earliest beginnings, Dogpatch has blended residential and industrial offerings in ways few neighborhoods across the country have. Thanks to its waterfront location, Dogpatch flourished as a hub for shipbuilding with many warehouses, steel mills and dry docks still standing today.



 Because Dogpatch was one of the few neighborhoods to come out of the 1906 fire and earthquake with little damage, its original buildings and housing are well preserved. In fact, over the past two decades many artists and entrepreneurs have flocked to Dogpatch to breathe new life into its old homes, warehouses and buildings—establishing the neighborhood as a newfound hub for creativity and culture.



The Future


New plans and developments are transforming both Dogpatch and the Central Waterfront district into one of San Francisco’s most vibrant and exciting Bay Area destinations. From open spaces and waterfront parks to retail, commercial and sports venues, deciding how to spend your time in Dogpatch over the next few years will become increasingly challenging.







Pier 70

A 28-acre bayside development spanning residential, commercial, retail, cultural and industrial buildings.

 Chase Center

The massive new home of the world champion Golden State Warriors.

Crane Cove Park

A 9-acre waterfront park just 3 blocks from 901 Tennessee.


Potrero Power Station

A planned mixed-use development featuring housing, office, hotel, retail and grocery store.

The Blue Greenway

A 13-mile waterfront path for walking, biking and exploring.

Mission Bay Ferry Landing

A nearby ferry terminal servicing Dogpatch and the surrounding area.